New Low-Booze Booze

I saw this today in Fry’s:

Upon viewing this, I thought I remembered that the caloric content of booze is mainly the alcohol – that alcohol actually metabolizes like most sugars.

So I checked – and, yes, this booze has 25% less calories than regular 80 proof vodka, because this is 60 proof vodka.

Do not try this at home. These are trained marketing professionals.

I’m trying this new blogging platform. I’m not sure if it’s going to work – I am amazed at how slow the editor is. I type several letters and then wait for the editing window to backfill what I’ve typed.

But if it takes a while for the Chinese comment spammers to find it, then it’s worth it. I am certain that some folks must actually look at some crappy spam content and see the link to and clidk the darn thing. At least one in a milion. And that seems to be enough to keep the spammers in business.

But, even if it doesn’t, this is – after all – a diary. I keep forgetting that. The truth is that I have lost any public platform. I left FaceBook several months back, because I got tired of the political partisans calling the other political partisans stupid.

Then, after over twenty years as an active member of the Dead Runners Society, I got tired of the partisans there taking any opportunity to find some way around the “don’t discuss politics here” rule. Since this is my blog, and nobody is reading the darn thing, I’ll say it out loud – it was the lefties who were doing that. I’ve come to believe that liberals really have to have some conservatives around to be liberal for. It’s no fun just being a liberal around other liberals.

I’ve got a brother who seems to be a liberal just to prove that he’s really not a Puckett. And I think he’s proved it : )

I was also in a Big Book study group, but I left that one as well, because I kept trying to start discussions about the material, but no discussions got started. And I already have a Big Book to read by myself.

And then, spammers kilt my blog. Okay, they didn’t stop me from writing, but they did stop anyone from commenting.

And suddenly I realized that I had no way to talk to anybody other than via one-on-one communications, either verbal or via email. And it’s only now that I realize that it’s weird that I think that that’s weird. Why would a guy like me ever have any way to talk to more than one person at a time, anyway?

So we’ll see if this works.

  1. Ethel said:

    Hey, that is *EXACTLY* what I looked like when I was drinking vodka. No, really!! Blonde and everything. I think I still have those shoes with some geraniums planted in them. 🙂

    • How can she drink that booze and stand there like that? I can’t even stand like that SOBER!

  2. Jerry Poplin said:

    Welcome back, sir!

    • Something tells me that you did NOT get here through proper channels. Is your visa stamped?

  3. Dave C said:

    As one of those who chased you away from FB, I did follow you here. Can I leave a political comment. 🙂

    I hate politicians. The only difference is that I am disappointed when “our” politicians act like all politicians whereas I can say “I told you so” when the other side’s do. That’s probably true regardless of which side “ours” is.

    • If you don’t follow the news, you don’t know what ANYBODY’s politicians are doing – unless somebody runs up into your face and tells you in all-caps.

      I managed to avoid the entire Michael Jackson trial, until somebody ran into my office one day and told me what the verdict was (“hey – didja hear?”)

      Funny – now, sitting here, I can’t remember waht that verdict WAS….

      • David Couper said:

        Who is Michael Jackson and why was he on trial? 🙂

      • a) An eight year old kid from Gary, Indiana who sang “Rockin’ Robin”.
        b) To be honest, it might be because he was a “celebrity”.

  4. Dave Jellison said:

    Jimbo, love to read about your skiing and other exploits. Greetings from the other side of the mountains, in Denver.

  5. kathy said:

    You must keep writing.

    • Is that an ultimatum?

      You must not make ultimatums!

  6. Phil said:

    Glad to see you are back and hope this site works well for you.

    • PHIL!

      Hey, Spurrier’s not as smarmy now. Maybe I can change, too.

  7. Donna M Rode said:

    Hi Jim,

    Found you! (OK, followed you from the other FCtA). Maybe you can come back to DRS after November. But I find I’m deleting as many or more posts as I read there. I’ve been very close to going nomail on DRS again and the only thing that keeps me from dropping FB is to keep up with some family members. I can’t seem to bring myself to “unfriend” the non-family heavy posters but I did learn to drop them from the feed so that helps. Hang in there!

    • I’ve thought about going back to FB and doing just that – cutting things back to “folks whom I know who aren’t seeing if they can make folks mad”.

      But I haven’t for two reasons:

      1) I don’t think that my FB posts really add anything to anybody’s life, and
      2) It leaves me with more time.

      DRS? I realized that anything I said in there that had to do with running rarely garnered a response. It would simply fall into the bit bucket. Sometimes it seemed to me that I was a failed producer – John Galt would never come to tell me to stop, because my efforts weren’t working anyway.

  8. Glad you found a place to continue your blog. I look forward to reading every post. We miss you on DRS but I understand why you left.

    • Thanks, Mark. It’s nice to be missed. For so many years, the only time that I was missed was when another drunk tried to punch me : )

  9. Alan B. said:

    Good to hear from you – was just thinking a couple of days back that I was going to have to email you and see how you’ve been.

  10. Hi, I’ve been missing your blog so glad you are back at it.
    On mine I get about 30-40 spam blog comments a day, not too hard to
    delete as long as I stay up on it. I have wordpress, and my own
    domain on godaddy (believe it or not).

    I hope I didn’t start an exodus at DRS. My attitude was getting sour,
    and I didn’t add much anyway.

    Still enjoy Facebook. But, frankly, most of my friends on there
    are of similar philosophical persuasion so I don’t run into too much trouble.

  11. aileen58 said:

    Have been on wordpress for 18 months now and still only 1 spam every week or so. not bad.

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