Early Afternoon Walk

Now that we can step outside of the building without bursting into flame (read: “it’s mid-October”) I enjoy a walk around the offices in the early afternoon.

When one walks through the Go Daddy parking lot, one is bound to see geeky, nerdy stuff, such as this rear windshield on a Cooper Mini with a child seat:


Note that I said that I ENJOY it now – I was doing it during the worst of the summer, but not enjoying it so much. Physical activity seems to help me get my digestion going without slowing down my cogitation; sometimes it seems that lunch without walking results in…. my….. mind………. slow……. ing…….. down……… like Hal 9000 at the end of 2001. Sometimes I even start singing “Daisy”.

I changed my pattern this morning a bit. Usually, I go to the gym and do my cardio and my core and resistance work before I come to the office. Today, I decided to put the resistance work off until the end of the day, on my way to the 5:30 meeting. I figured that this might give me more energy during the day. It hasn’t, so far as I’ve noticed, but it’s the first time I’ve tried it. I reckon that I need a larger sample size. If I had only tried marriage once, I wouldn’t have whatsername.

Speaking of whastersname, she and I are heading up to Colorado this weekend. We’re going to just play golf for a week – a week that WON’T cost extra money, and a week that won’t be in the Tucson heat, so we’re hoping that it’ll be a fun, relaxing, cheap week : )

I’m taking the week off. I get six weeks of vacation per year, and there’s no way that I can take all of it, but this year I might get close to at least not letting it build up too much. I’ve got next week off, and I”m taking three weeks at Xmas/New Year’s. When that’s done, I’ll only have….about six weeks left, accrued….wow.

And I’ll also have my two floaters back : )





1 comment
  1. Don’t they know that these gizmos were used by the enemy?
    Its like using little stickers of Tiger tanks or something.

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