Here’s the nice new LG 55″ LED 3D TV that we had installed when we were remodeling the condo:


This is now officially an LD TV.

When we put it in, the contractor – who is also the HOA president for our condo village – told us that the new HD channels would be on the way soon. That was last winter. We still have no HD channels.

I just spoke to him during a walk this morning, and he said that WE WOULD NOT BE GETTING HD BECAUSE THE SATELLITE COMPANY TOLD HIM THAT WE COULDN’T GET HD UP HERE.

We have a view of the southern sky. GPSes work here just fine. I simply don’t believe that we can’t get the SIGNAL – come to think of it, we’re getting the satellite signal from the satellite; therefore, how is it possible that we’re not getting an HD signal? Do they mean that they only send the HD signals from certain satellites?

This wouldn’t matter at all to me; almost everything we watch is on a DVD/BD or streamed from Netflix or Amazon –  except for the simple fact of college football season. I don’t watch any other television than college football; no, wait. I recall coming in after playing golf during our last trip up here, and watching golf that afternoon. But that’s a rarity.

So, to hear these folks talk, we’re never going to have HD TV up here at Cascade Village.

I swear to God, Ethel, we gotta move.


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