Purgatory Triathlon

Yesterday, I did a Purgatory Triathlon – run, ski, and golf : )

The running hurt, because my calf is not happy; the skiing was fine, but limited. The golf, however, had problems because of slow players in front of us on the 6th hole:

PlayingThroughHowever, the eight-point buck pulled his does off to the driving range and let us play through to the seventh hole.

I’ve always wanted to ski and golf on the same day – well, not always, as I could have done that in Utah easily. I talked about it then, but never put forth the effort. But now that Ethel plays golf, it’s a good excuse to get down to Hillcrest and swing a club.

And I was able to swing a club just fine, even with my Frankenhand ; Ethel took the stitches out on Saturday, and by yesterday morning the hand felt reasonable – stiff and sore in a couple of places, but one is not supposed to be gripping a golf club that tightly anyway.

I was informed at the golf course (by John Vickers, the local pro and a Florida fan)that a “Durango Triathlon” is ski, golf and CYCLE, but I’m not about to take up cycling.A bicycle seat puts parts of my body to sleep which should never, ever go to sleep. So I altered it for Purgatory.

…although, no doubt, I could cycle better now than I can run; this calf is a major problem. It hit me last week, and it is not going away.

  1. Jimbo!

    If that bicycle seat is putting anything to sleep, it’s not cycling that’s your problem. It’s just the wrong seat. All you need is a good bike fit and you can go all day. I regularly ride for 3 hours plus and nothing goes to sleep.

  2. Maybe it’s just that my rear end is so wide that it forces a lot of pressure on the, uh, middle regions.

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