Sunrise over the Needles Mountain, as seen from my lower deck this morning:

needlesunriseIt snowed a little last night – not enough to make a difference, but enough to prove that, yes, it still snows in Colorado : )

They have made a lot of snow up on the mountain, though, and today they are opening the Six-Pack (6 person detachable lift on the front of the mountain) which means a few more runs, longer runs, and more of them – the 6-Pack gets up the mountain in about seven minutes.

This year, I’m taking my GPS with me, to get delta-h on each of the lifts; I’ve built a spreadsheet that will tell me how much vertical I’ve skiied, based on how many rides on each lift I take. One day in the early 2000s, I got over 50000 vertical feet in one day, riding the Saddle Back detachable at the Canyons, while patrolling. You do that twenty times, and you’ve skied a million vertical feet.

That’s not the sort of thing that matters to most folks, I reckon.

Today is the day of the Go Daddy Holiday Party back in Phoenix. Those are great parties, but they are NOT worth driving 500 miles each way – at least, not for me. I don’t drink, don’t overeat, and don’t stay up late enough to enjoy all the festivities : )

But today I am staring in the face of one of the problems that telecommuters have – we don’t get the same perks as folks in-office do. Specifically, in this case, everybody else has already gone home for the day to “prepare” for the party.

(to be fair – a lot of these folks went to Chase Field to actually prepare stuff for the party; our team has a lot of internal responsibilities. But it’s my pity party, so let me whine the way that I wanna whine : )

I don’t mind working this afternoon, but – doggonit! – a bunch of stuff that I’m working on requires other folks’ input or participation. So it’s going to be an afternoon of limited productivity. And working when other folks aren’t working, with very little actual return in the way of getting stuff done, is not my idea of fun.

So Cinderella will just have to clean up the ashes around the fireplace while his ugly stepsisters go to the Ball.

But, again, I am going skiing during lunchtime. And that’s a great view from the office, so I reckon it’s more than a fair trade : )



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