On Saturday, we drove down to Farmington, NM, to get some more framing done.

Here’s Framing Jesse at the Farmington Hobby Lobby:

FramingJesseWhen we first started remodeling this condo, we had several items framed at a custom frame shop here in Durango. I think we averaged about $150/frame, and that was with no matting. And it took a couple of weeks to get the framing done.

When we go down to Farmington, Framing Jesse knocks out five or ten items in less than an hour, and it’s less than $50/item – with matting and personalized care.

Here’s the piece that Framing Jesse is working on, above:

bangsomebumpsThis is the T-shirt from whence KimPuckett got her nickname, “Ethel” – the caption reads “Hey Ethel, let’s bang some bumps and hit the hot tub”.(edtor’s note: now that we have this shirt framed and on the wall, Kim has asked me to stop calling her Ethel, which I am almost pulling off, although there is difficulty involved. Stopping smoking was easier, although it was more uncomfortable).

We got quite a few new things framed this weekend, and now they are up on the walls – we’ve even got trail maps on the outside stairwell, along with a bunch of climbing gear hanging on the wall out there – the climbing gear could just as easily be stored in a closet, but doggone it climbing gear looks cool hanging on the wall.

Right now, the condo is getting a little overpowering, because we have all of our regular stuff, plus Christmas decorations. I’m thinking that next year, I’ll just get Framing Jesse to frame us up a Christmas tree, and that should save us quite a bit of floor space.


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