Two Hunnert Dollars

Last night’s display at the local WalMart when we finished shopping:

twohundredThat’s not very common – in fact, I’ve never had it happen before.

Two hundred bucks is not an uncommon Wal-Mart trip for us, but two hundred EXACTLY was a little surprising.

Although I’m not very surprisable these days. Ever since I decaffeinated, I’ve been much calmer. It’s a lot like getting neutered, except that there’s no swelling or stitches involved.

It took about ten days for me to adjust to no caffeine, but once I adjusted, it was great. One of the benefits is that my energy levels are steady – I might take a nap at noon, but I generally feel the same all day long. No highs and lows dictated by how long it’s been since my last cup of coffee.

I considered myself a “caffeine addict”, but the truth is – functionally – I was more of an adrenaline addict. The way caffeine works (as I understand it) is that it causes adrenaline to trickle into the bloodstream; since adrenaline is the “fight or flight” hormone, you could say that coffee is “fear by the mugful”.

I don’t miss caffeine, although I do sometimes miss the lift that it gave – but that lift comes with the awareness of a crash later. This is better – much more comfortable. And calmer.

The guy at Sonic who gets his mind blown by a chicken asiago sandwich – twice? He’s not decaffeinated.

(“I before E except after C, or when sounded like “A” as in Neighbor or Weigh, or in weird words like “weird” and “caffeine”)


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