If The Mayans Could Foretell The End Of The World, Why Couldn’t They Foretell Cortez?


Here’s the forecast for tomorrow:


EndOfDaysI heard today that Durango schools are having to prepare for tomorrow – seems that there are bomb threats or whatnot, because some folks are using this Mayan thing to excuse all sorts of behavior.

If the Mayans were so smart, then they’d still be running things in Central America. They couldn’t tell that the Spaniards were coming, along with smallpox and typhus. Why would anybody believe that they could foresee the end of the world, down to the date?

Nobody would believe that. And I don’t believe that anyone does believe it.

But some folks need drama – heck, sometimes I generate drama in my own life. But I’m not willing to pretend to believe in the end of the world to generate it. And certainly not when we have thirty inches of new snow!




  1. Dave C said:

    But I’ll be wearing my asbestos underwear just in case. And I’ve been holding off buying Christmas gifts. Wouldn’t want to have gone shopping unnecessarily.

  2. Dave C said:

    BTW, my wall calendar doesn’t show any days past December 31. So if the 21st doesn’t get you then the 31st will.

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