Once a meadow…


…now our condo village.

I was on the chairlift with an older gent yesterday who said that this meadow – where our condo now stands – was once the 2nd most photographed spot in Colorado.

Funny – I didn’t think to ask what the most photographed spot was : )

This is my last workday before a three-week vacation; I woke up at 2:13, thinking about work stuff, and never went back to bed. It took me a while to actually get started working, though – but it’s still been a full day, justabout, already, although I have more to do.

There was a time when I never worried about work; it simply wasn’t anything to worry about. Then I changed jobs. Changing jobs is something that folks like me (programmer types) used to do all the time; in the ’90s, everybody just waved money at us and said “come do this!” “no, come do this!” But that stopped about fifteen years ago, and since then, I’ve worked for two companies – Fidelity for seven years, and GoDaddy for another 7.5.

It was easier to change jobs when my brain was more flexible; and this last change was difficult, because the *job* is so flexible; “agile” development seems to mean “bend over backwards to do three different things while riding a unicycle”. Let’s just say that it keeps me occupied.

Now I’m about to take my lunch break and head over to the ski hill for a few runs. Not a lot of runs, and not anything very vigorous, because I have – after all – been up since 2:13. But I’ll be skiing, and for a po’ boy from Flat Red Clay, Alabama, that’s a wonderment.


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