They’re Magically Delicious

Here’s this morning’s breakfast:


Those are Lucky Charms. The next game is Notre Dame, and we’ve started the ritual cannibalism early since it’s the National Championship.

The bowl season has not gone well for the SEC – currently at .500. There are folks who do not understand the bowl tie-ins that believe that this means that the SEC isn’t very strong; fact is, though, that the SEC doesn’t often compete one-to-one. In many bowls, the language is like “SEC #3 vs Big10 #2”. Also, since the SEC champ always (i reckon we can say that at this point) goes to the champtionship game, all of the other bowl tie-ins slide down one (i.e. it’s not the SEC champ in the Sugar Bowl, but SEC #2).

But none of that matters anymore, since Notre Dame is the Team of Destiny, and is going to end the SEC’s reign at the top. No, no, it’s a sure-thing lock; I’m reading it all over the Internet, which means that it must be true (“Bonjour!”)

Tonight is the Cotton Bowl, which is TAMU vs the Sooners. Tomorrow is Ole Miss vs Pitt A(another SEC game – N.B. Pitt, the team that took Notre Dame to three overtimes, is playing the NINTH-ranked team in the SEC) followed by the Go Daddy bowl on Sunday (which should be fun – Danica will be there : ) then we have the big one on Monday night.
I think we’re eating corned beef and cabbage as the game-day mojo, as my suggestion to have “potatoes with potato blight” met with a stony-faced Ethel.(I was even willing to fake it – just bruise the potatoes pretty heavily a day or so before cooking – but Ethel just said no).

Query – why are they called the “Fighting Irish”? Have the Irish ever WON? They’ve been beaten down for a thousand years. Shouldn’t they be called the “Losing Irish?”


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