Happy Birthday!

When I woke up this morning, I was having trouble breathing. This cold is really setting in hard – could it be flu? I had my flu shot…I realized that again, today, I will not be running or skiing.

Then the phone rang – our housesitter, Jane, in Arizona, was calling up to tell us that she didn’t have any water. The pipes had frozen (yes, in Arizona).

Then Ethel walked into the kitchen, and suddenly the Walk In The Wood print (of a moose walking through an aspen grove in the snow)  that we’ve owned for fifteen years (we bought it when we moved to Park City) swung wide on the wall, knocked down the framed and matted trail map of Sugarbush, then both of them fell and glass shattered out across the floor.

BirthdayMorningAbout the time that Ethel finished getting almost all of the glass cleaned up (I suspect that they’ll still be finding glass after we die and somebody has to move all of our stuff) Jane called again – turns out that the recirculating pump for the water heater was making a grinding sound.

Somewhere in the middle of all this, Ethel said “Happy birthday, sweetie!”

Yes, it is my birthday – I am now 54 years old, and I’m gonna die any minute.

54 years old – I’d say that that’s “mid fifties”. Ethel will turn 55 in July, at which point we can move into one of the old folks’ homes active-adult communities in Sun City and play cheap golf.

But it seemed like a bad start to a birthday.

That is, until Miss Positive Thinking pointed out what a good thing it was that we have tile in that room – if we had had carpet, we’d never get all of the glass up, and it would take a lot longer. That’s true! That’s a good thing!

…not only that, but if the Walk in the Woods had swung the OTHER way, then it would have hit the Stowe trail map instead – and they would have fallen onto yet another picture frame and a 26″ flat screen TV that’s there on the floor. A good thing it fell the way that it did!

…not only that, but our 4 year old grandson Jackson was staying with us until yesterday afternoon – it’s a good thing that he wasn’t here, because if he had been here, he would have jumped into the middle of the glass and chopped himself up proper. A good thing it waited until after he left to fall down!

…not only that, but we can still use the prints and the frames (a little Gorilla Glue was necessary for the trail map frame, but, hey…) and all we need now is some new picture glass. Cool!

…not only that, but since this happened in he winter, we can throw all of the broken glass into the dumpster without having to worry about any bears chopping their noses off or anybody jumping into the dumpster and getting hurt. Yay!

Just SO MUCH to be grateful for!

…..except, of course, for turning 54 years old… : )

  1. runabq said:

    54 is nothing Jim. I set some PRs after I turned 54 and that was 6 years ago.. You’re going to be just fine.

  2. Alan B. said:

    Happy Birthday, Jim.

  3. Hinkmond Wong said:

    Happy b-day, Jim!

  4. Gloria Gardner said:

    ahhhhhhhhh, life IS good! Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2013 18:18:43 +0000 To: glowormg@msn.com

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