Knocking Myself Out

There’s a Javascript library out there called “Knockout“.

It’s got a lot of magic – stuff under the covers that ties things together that are not immediately obvious to those of us who are not mutant alien double-dome geniuses.

Walter Bishop would have had no problem with it. In fact, I suspect that he actually invented a prototype Knockout library back in ’89.


(We started watching Fringe a month or two back, on Floyd’s recommendation. It ain’t Buffy, but then, neither is anything else)

This is amazing to me; when I watch Steve Sanderson explain Knockout, it makes plenty of sense. But then when I go into existing Knockout code, it’s like I’m reading Sanskrit.

All if this is just more evidence for my long-standing position, which I’ll state bluntly:


Psychologists like to think that they are scientists. Thus, they have to come up with numbers, because, if you can’t measure it, it ain’t science. So psychologists come up with “standardized tests”.

These standardized tests have shown many members of my family – myself included – to be highly rated in “intelligence”. But so far none of the aforementioned members have distinguished themselves in any way (outside the classroom, which is another sort of “standardized test”).. In fact, I’m not too sure that any of us have actually done anything intelligent at all.

(One of them, a particularly doltish sort, was fool enough to move from Park City, Utah to Phoenix, Arizona. In June. And bought real estate there. In 2005. You don’t want to know his standardized test scores).

I blame psychologists for my failure, because they told me I was smart, and I aren’t. Therefore, they caused me to overreach my abilities, thus resulting in my current frustration.

(this is a fancy way of saying “It ain’t my fault!”. I’m in favor of as many ways of saying “It ain’t my fault!” as I can come up with.)

Now that I have expressed my frustration, I will return to the thankless and pointless task of trying to understand Knockout, which I will refer to as “knocking myself out”.

Where’s my Sanskrit dictionary?

  1. aileen58 said:

    I think its more about risk taking behaviour than intelligence. Anyway how do you measure success – is it money or is it happiness?

    • AIleen –

      Wouldn’t “intelligence” determine the proper risks and behaviors?

      Happiness, certainly – although my brain has equal-opportunity stupidity; I can make bad judgements about life, career OR finances : )

  2. Phil said:


    There is a difference between intelligent and smart. Intelligent is knowing a tomato is a fruit, smart is knowing not to put any in a fruit salad 😉


    • Wow – I’d never heard that before, and now I’ve heard it twice in the last 16 hours!…although the other person who said it had NOT read this post…interesting.

      …but I think it’s a sophistry.

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