I Will Never Be A Web Developer

I’ve been working on one of our internal apps, and just deployed the latest version to Test this morning.

One of the pages – where I did the most work – looks pretty good. The functionality is there. Everything’s hunky dory. (I did my development work in Chrome, FF and IE 9).

However, in QA, in IE 8, here’s what most of that page looks like:

NothingYep, all of my widgets, controls, divs, spans, tabs and trays are gone, gone, dead and gone.

This is the sort of thing that completely mystifies me, and leaves me feeling completely hopeless. I’m completely at a loss as to how I should proceed, and completely overwhelmed by the complete completeness of it all. Completely.

I should completely just give up completely, except that I still have bills.

This is what Pirsig, in “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”, refers to as a “gumption trap”.

So what I’m going to do is what Pirsig suggests – I’m going to walk away from this and do something else to break away from the gumption trap. Since I’m at 9000 feet in the Colorado Mountains, taht “something else” is going to be skiing two runs : )

Then I’ll take the code back to where it worked okay in IE 8, and incrementally change things forward until I see what breaks it.

First things first – better get skiing…

UPDATE: it was an unclosed </span> tag. Dang. I mean, I can see how not closing a span would be a big deal, if said span was a suspension bridge over a thousand-foot drop over a raging river full of rabid crocodiles – but an HTML tag? C’mon – gimme a break here!


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