Blue Ridge Mountains

…not THE Blue Ridge Mountains, of course. Durango down in the valley is higher than any of those mountains.
But THIS ridge of blue mountains – took this shot from the dining room yesterday evening:

BlueLitNeedlesMy goodness, that looks cold, to me. Almost like you expect Sean Connery to say “Hmmmm…da driega…”

I noticed another case of All Of The Actors Take The Foreign Accent Except For The British Actors – Ratatouille. Other than the protagonist (the human one, that is) all of the actors in this movie adopted French accents, except for Peter O’Toole, who played a Frenchman with a British accent.

This on the heels of my revelation some years back that all of the actors in Hunt For Red October assumed Russian accents, except for Sean Connery and Tim Curry, who, being from the UK, are certain that their accents are just fine and shouldn’t be moderated at all.

(Is it possible that Brits simply are UNABLE to assume foreign accents? Or is is that they actually get paid MORE for using their original accents, since – as everybody knows – actors with British accents are much better actors?)

Anyway – it looked cold, but it wasn’t. It’s been gorgeous the last few days. And the skiing has been great, even if I haven’t been able to do much of it.

Yesterday, at Ethel’s insistence, I called the doctor and told him that I still had symptoms:

1) My cough is better, but still persistent

2) Something had happened to my voice – it had become muffled, somehow, as though I were speaking through a towel

3) Ethel has informed me that my breath is bad – not “brush your teeth and use a mouthwash” bad, but bad like she thought she could actually smell the infection in my lungs. (Needless to say, I haven’t been getting any cuddles).

The doc had me drive all the way to the hospital this morning to get a couple of chest X-rays, which turned out to be fine. But then he called and explained to me that last symptom; the last antibiotic that he gave me, Levaquin, is such a broad-spectrum antibiotic that it pretty much kills any bacteria in your body – anything in the respiratory or urinary tracts, even gonorrhea, and people take it if they’ve been exposed to anthrax or plague.

So it has pretty much killed everything in my lungs, and all of that death is now coming out in my breath.

Which is why I’m not getting any cuddles.

Which may be why everything looks so COLD….da driega…



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