I Couldn’t Agree More

I saw this sign at the Purg today:

lodgesignNow, I wanted to talk about the text in this sign, and how well it relates to this post last year, but now I’m just irritated with WordPress.

This photograph is saved vertically, but WordPress inserted it horizontally – i.e.as though the above image were laying on it’s side. And WordPress wasn’t giving me any way to rotate the image. WordPress was just being stupid.

As you can see, above, I finally found a way to do this, but I had to go around Robin Hood’s Barn to do so. And now I don’t feel much like talking about how I thought I wanted a career, but how it turned out that I wanted to ski : )

This goes way back to my first job out of college; George Ritter was my first boss in that first job. And he did three things that changed my life –

1) Sitting in his office just shooting the breeze, he mentioned how he had run a marathon.

2) He also mentioned that he and his his wife had gone to Jackson Hole to go skiing for their honeymoon.

3) He later told me that he thought that I should go home and watch Northern Exposure.

The next year, I trained for and ran my first marathon.The impact of that event in my life is daily; why, just today, coming back for my first run after this bout of pneumonia, I felt my calf give out. That’s the result of years of running abuse : )

Shortly after running that first marathon, I went on my first ski trip to North Carolina, and Lord knows that had a big impact. After the first day, I told my buddy that I wanted to go home, that now I could say that I had been snow skiing. Brian allowed as to how, since we had come for two days, we might as well ski the second day.

Since then I’ve lived and skied in Arizona, Vermont, Utah and Colorado. (One of the other things George said to me, after I had started skiing and said that I wanted to go live in ski country, was “Jim, people don’t really do that”. Gee, George, guess what? : )

And it was around that time that George suggested that I go home and watch Northern Exposure. At this time, I hadn’t watched any TV for years, but Norex changed my way of thinking about television. I still don’t watch broadcast TV, but I’m willing to give the occasional excellent show a chance (we are currently in the third season of “Fringe“.)

Wow. What would my life be like right now, if I had never had those talks with George?

I might have a real career : )

  1. I would like to talk to you some time about your Television opinions. What is it about this program (and the other series’ that you watch)?

    • Well, Pirsig would call it “quality”, but that doesn’t really answer anything, does it?

      Northern Exposure required one to think while watching it. And it never was insulting to the viewer’s intelligence.

      It was so far beyond anything I had watched in my youth in that respect; I mean, even Star Trek required the frontal lobes to be disconnected : )

      After NorEx, it was a long time before I watched all of a TV series. And I only watch them when they are finished (or almost finished)

      I suspect that the next show that really got my attention was Firefly, to which I was referred by a Dead Runner’s blog; she had a review of the movie Serenity by Orson Scott Card, who said that he wouldn’t let Ender’s Game be made into a movie until he was sure that it would be as well done as Serenity. But he advised viewers to watch the short series first.

      Some years after Firefly, the same Dead Runner kept telling me that, if I liked Firefly, then I would LOVE Buffy. I fought that idea tooth and nail. Suffice it to say that I have since gratefully, joyfully eaten those words many times over : )

      This took me to the two other Whedon series – Angel and Dollhouse. Dollhouse, especially, is a brain-stretcher.

      We watched Battlestar Galactica, and I will always regret having done so; they seemed to be weaving such an incredible storyline over the five years of the series, that when they gave up in the last episode and just waved their hands, declined to tie up any of the story lines, and then gave the stupidest ending to a series that Ive ever seen.

      Lost had some of the same elements – an incredibly complex story line, which they bailed on explaining as well, but with a good bit more grace than BSG.

      24 – wow.

      Now we’re watching Fringe.

  2. When you say you have to think, is it to figure out character stuff (motivations, etc) or is there some element of mystery? What is it that you have to think about?

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