It’s A Star Trek World

My friend Alan sent me this article about a possible warp drive.

It should look like this:

warpThat’s right. It’s a football in a donut. (I especially like the way that they show the laces on the football, because, of course, if’n you’re going to throw a football at warp speed, you’re gonna need a good grip on the laces. Just ask Uncle Rico.)

Star Trek – still here, still alive. And after all of the later editions of the original series – Next Generations, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, the animated series – when JJ Abrams made a Star Trek movie, he reverted to the original series.

And the original cast– sure, you can tell me that that’s Chris Pine, Keith Urban, that Qunito fellow and the rest, but be danged if they didn’t bring William Shatner, Deforest Kelley,  Leonard Nimoy etc back to life. It was the most amazing example of re-casting I’ve ever seen – (no, wait. Not true. That would be Os, in the third season of Fringe, where Anna Torv, who plays Olivia Dunham, starts channeling Leonard Nimoy – but that’s another case of a JJ Abrams cast member reprising a Star Trek actor, so it falls into the same category).

I wonder – did Abrams and crew have to pay royalties to the original actors to recompense them for their “likenesses” being used? It’s a reasonable question…

Anyway, the idea of having a football-shaped warp drive suits this college-football enthusiast just fine, although I can’t help but think that it should be crimson.


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