They don’t really mean “CLOSED”

…and they don’t really mean “Cliff”, either.


It’s just not that big a cliff. And the landing is great – very steep, which means soft.

I suppose that I should have shown the whole sign, which would have included the dropoff – but it’s no big deal.

At any rate – I took Ethel down Styx today for the first time; she’d never been in there. It is usually a black bump run, but the last two years they have groomed half of it (skier’s left) in February so that folks who don’t want to ski a top-to-bottom black bump run can enjoy Styx, as well.

(I’ve said this before – to get to Styx from the six-pack, you have to cross Hades. Now, that doesn’t make sense out of the gate – everybody knows that you have to cross Styx to get to Hades, not the other way around – however, a case could be made that, if you’re already IN the afterlife, which the name Purgatory seems to imply, then you’d have to go through Hades to get to Styx – and since Styx is actually along the ski area boundary, then that means if you cross Hades and then Styx, then you’re out of the afterlife, which (in this case) would mean that you”ve made it to US Highway 550, aka the “San Juan Skyway”, which is pretty nice on it’s own).

I’ve been doing the small drops on Upper Catharsis, but the landings have gotten FIRM – but this landing is so steep that firmness isn’t an issue.  I need to get used to dropping off of the higher end of this cliff, and making a sharp turn, if I’m ever going to be ready for Corbet’s.

(This would be a GREAT snow year to do Corbet’s – they’ve already had over 20 feet of snow in Jackson. Unfortunately, this is NOT a great FINANCIAL year for me to go to Jackson. Oh, well. Them’s the breaks.)


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