If You Can Read This, You’re Too Close

Here is what one of my screens looks like right now:

VS2012That is Visual Studio 2012, with the C# solution that I’m currently working on in it. In order to scrunch it down small enough to fit here, it became illegible – which is a good thing.

Don’t let it bother you – I can’t read it, either, even at 1680×1050 : ) I mean, I can see the LETTERS, but I can’t READ it!

But I sure have been writing it. This current project seemed like a minor change, but (to paraphrase Will Smith in MIB) dang! I spent some time this weekend, and a long day yesterday, and a long day today – and I ain’t done.

It’s a Tuesday, and on Tuesdays, Ethel and I go to town – to make a 5:30 meeting, run errands, and then make an 8:00 meeting. Well, this project has me in a 5:00 meeting to review the progress, and Ethel is in a meeting now that will last her until 5:30, so maybe we’re not going to town tonight after all.

Heck – I haven’t had time to change out of my ski clothes : )

Now, I’m not complaining – our employers let us live in Purgatory, after all, and let us ski at lunchtime. I’d be willing to work harder than I do now for the privileges that we have now. What’s killing me is that I’m still learning .NET – no, wait. That’s a ridiculous statement. EVERYBODY is still learning .NET. I mean that I’m a .NET beginner, at least from any production code standpoint.

It’s HUGE. There is SO MUCH TO LEARN in this brave, new world that I have given up on ever learning it all; heck, even if I could learn it all, they’d change it with the next version.

The whole time that I’ve been doing just about everything else, Microsoft’s development platform has been growing – in size and complexity. It’s like walking into a conversation in the middle – a conversation at the UN, without interpreters. While your boss is looking over your shoulder and wanting you to solve the problem that the diplomats are all talking about in different languages.

I’m sorry. I’m oversimplifying the case : )



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