Penny Wise, Pound Foolish?

Now, I don’t watch the news, at all.

But it’s impossible to get away from this image, if one leaves one’s bathroom with one’s eyes open:

StuckMy father-in-law would (they say) drive across the county to save five cents per gallon on gas.

Maybe he couldn’t do math. Or – just maybe – he was willing to lose money to keep those “price-gouging so-and-so’s at the Conoco” from getting his money.

But – from what I hear, and the way I see it – this current fiasco is going to cost Carnival a whole lot more than five cents a gallon.

Cost of the rescue:                                                 Millions (can’t estimate)

Cost of giving everybody a “free cruise”:            Maybe another five million

Cost of having CNN broadcast, over and           Umptylebem Gazillions
]over, the fact that you had all of these
passengers sign a waiver, so all you are
going to  do for these passengers is “give
them a free cruise” :

Now, it’s no skin off of my nose – I have no interest in a cruise. As I understand it, the main purpose of cruises is to provide a venue for unlimited drinking and overeating, and I ain’t allowed to do either one.

I have considered the possibility of one of those Alaskan cruises – but, hey, I’d rather just move to Alaska. (“Take big bites. Moderation is for insects” — Lazarus Long)

Now, let’s just say that I DID want to go on one of those Alaskan cruises. If I did, I would certainly go on Carnival Cruise lines.

1) They are disaster proof. How often does this sort of thing happen?…well, have YOU ever heard of this happening before?

2) I suspect that Carnival Cruise Lines tickets are going to be VERY CHEAP in the very near future, because most folks won’t want to have anything to do with them.

But, then, I’m perverse. As I said, most folks aren’t going to want anything to do with Carnival after this. Heck, I might even get a nice stateroom : )

  1. I so love your umptylebem-gazillion description. Miss you.

    • Umptylebem gazillizon SQUARED : )

      You’ll see us before long : ) – thanks for the card!

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