Go Daddy Shake

harlemshakeI’m 54 years old.

I don’t even know what a Harlem Shake is. Given my upbringing, I would assume that it’s a soul-food flavored ice cream drink.

However, the folks on my team at Go Daddy know what a Harlem Shake is They did their own version last week:


Okay, that’s a development team. Development teams are known for suddenly ceasing productivity when confronted by foam or rubber toys, or if somebody quotes Python’s “Holy Grail”.

But it seems that the dysfunction goes deeper than a single development group. We have quarterly Town Hall meetings, where the executives give us the latest poop on what’s happened and what is about to happen.

This is from last week’s Town Hall, with the true corporate movers and shakers, ah,  moving and shaking:


No, I was not doing any Harlem shaking, as I am safely ensconced at 8840 feet in the San Juan Mountains. I missed all the fun.

Now, however, comes the real challenge – getting Ethel to put on the helmet and goggles…

(I have no problem shaking. At my age, the only problem is shaking without having anything fall off).

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