One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

Yesterday, after we’d skied a while, Ethel drove me over to Silverton for lunch.

I like going to Silverton anyway, always, but for some reason we had not driven north of Cascade Village this season. EVERY time we pull out of the drive, we turn right – to the ski hill, to Durango, to points west or south.

But yesterday, we finally headed north, and ate at the Brown Bear Cafe, which is where we usually eat in Silverton.

After lunch, we like to head over to Smedley’s and buy a chocolate. But Smedley’s was closed, so – after some discussion – we drove up to Ouray to go to Mouse’s and get a chocolate and coffee (decaf, for me).

We Intended to get “a chocolate” – but when we got in line, Ethel freaked. So here’s what we got:

candiesHere’s what we’re looking at:

1) A sea-salt caramel

2) Chipotle truffle

3) Milk chocolate Rocky Road

4) Dark chocolate coconut cluster

5) Dark chocolate taffee

6) Cherry dark chocolate pecan bark

7) My decaf, with cream

8) Ethel’s black coffee

Here’s the wierdness – next to all of that sugar and chocolate and nuts etc, my decaf was sweetened…with Splenda : )

We went out to the car, but instead of going home, we drove up through Ridgeway, across the Dallas Divide, and down to Telluride.

We’ve been talking about moving to another ski town – somewhere where we can ski every day, AND stop by the store for butter, go to church or to a meeting without a forty-minute drive. We’ve talked about Crested Butte and Steamboat, and even considered going back to Park City.  But we’ve never considered Telluride, because it’s just TOO DARNED EXPENSIVE.

But Ethel was talking with a local the other day whose kids moved to Telluride, and live in Mountain Village, which was, as he said, “affordable”. So we figured that we’d check out Mountain Village.

When we drove into Mountain Village, the first thing we noticed was the size of the free-standing homes – they reminded us of Deer Valley, except a) the lots were much larger, and b) the homes had slate and beams instead of river-rock and logs.

Excuse me – where are the affordable homes?

We drove on in, and the next thing we noticed was this – Telluride ski area is not in Telluride, it is in Mountain Village. Telluride has been there forever, but Mountain Village is all new construction that has been built up around the ski area itself, so nothing is too far from a chairlift.

We found an open house in some condos, walked in, saw the price of the condos, and after I gently re-inserted my eyeballs back into the sockets, we talked to the realtor and told him our price range. He told me to shut up and go clean the toilets and take the trash out pursed his lips, raised his eyebrows, and allowed as to how they had some offerings at that price point.

And they did, and they were quite nice. And they had stuff even more affordable than that – we can get a condo much smaller than the one that we are in for only about 3.5 times – per square foot – what we paid for this one.

Understand – some of these are, while not quite ski-in ski-out, very close to the lifts. And the views in Mountain Village are the best that I’ve ever seen,. anywhere – amazing.

The strange thing is – the Pucketts are completely capable of going to lunch in Silverton, and then – unplanned – driving over Red Mountain Pass and down through Box Canyon to get candy (and artificially-sweetened coffee) in Ouray, and then driving over to Telluride and considering buying a condo.

I tell you, something’s WRONG with us!


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  1. I have said to your wife that she can visit a place without having to buy a residence there. Obviously, I make no impression.

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