So, like, what’s up with Friday night?

I tell you what – some days, you simply can’t figure out what those days think that they are doing. Who do they think that they are?


If you look across the above graphic, it’s obvious that every day and night has decided to snow – except…what’s this? Oh? Friday night is Mostly Cloudy?

So…Friday night obviously thinks that it’s special – that it doesn’t have to snow like all of the other days.

(great – now I’ve got The Pretenders, “Brass in Pocket”, in my head – “I’m special! (special!) – so special! (special!) I got to have some of your – attention! Give it to me!)

I do hope that the other days get together and force Friday Night into conformity. Diversity is all fine and good, as long as everybody is snowing!)

It’s a good thing that it’s supposed to snow all week, as the storm that we were supposed to get today went south – we’ll still get maybe 10 inches out of it, but Taos is (as I understand it) getting hammered.

Right now, it looks like we are heading up to Aspen for the weekend. Now, I’m not an Aspen guy – I don’t have the first bit of Gucci anything. But I hear that there’s some good skiing up there, and our friend TwoBuddha gave us some comps that he’s not going to be able to use, so I’m gonna take my ski pants with the duct tape patch and go ski Aspen. We’ll probably start in the morning on Snowmass, and hit Ajax and the Highlands separately that afternoon, This will give us three new trail maps for the wall : )

While we’re up there, we’re going to ski Sunlight over in Glenwood Springs, because we can – it’s a perk of our Purgatory pass. And Ethel just likes anything about Glenwood Springs ( think purely because Doc Holliday died there, but I have to admit – it is a nice town).

According to the NWS, it looks like Aspen is getting snow all week, as well.

UPDATE: another hit on NWS Silveron shows that Friday night has succumbed to peer pressure, and will be snowing with all his friends. 


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