Snow in Scottsdale

If you’ve seen this site recently, you probably noticed my last post about how we had snow lined up for a week.

Well, it looks like the storm went south.

We live near 9000 feet in the Rocky Mountains, and we love snowstorms.

But Scott$dale, AZ, got more snow out of this system than we did.


Okay, we maybe got a couple more inches than Scott$dale did, but not that much more. And we actually want the snow, whereas it seems that Scott$daliens aren’t in favor of it.Especially on the freeway.

Haven’t posted because, well, my mother died. Before anyone reacts – this is a good thing, really. Mom has been failing for a long time; Alzheimer’s set in a year or so ago, and she’s been bedridden for many months, having lost interest in food or drink a while back.

Now, Mom is – as Ethel pointed out to me from the Bible – “fully restored”. And “fully restored” in this context means that she’s with Dad, and that is a thought that makes me smile : )

Mom never looked up after Dad died, and that was sixteen years ago. She’s spent most of the time since then missing him and worrying about the rest of us. When I think about her relaxed and happy with my Daddy – yep, there’s my smile again : )

I’d hate to be one of those folks with no faith. That must be miserable – for more reasons that one. I’ll bet that they are grumpy, and probably cuss like Scott$daliens stuck in the traffic in the snow : )

  1. Donna M Rode said:

    Hi Jim,

    I’m sorry for your loss but happy for you that she’s at peace. I’m not sure why our society freaks out so much about death. Hugs!

    • Donna, I suspect that it might be that to be glad that someone is out of pain can be construed as being glad that they are gone.

  2. Dave C said:

    Hi Jim,

    I’m sorry for your loss too. Yes, I understand what you say about it being a good thing, but it is still so final.

    BTW, I’m one of the grumpy ones. Can’t help it. It is my nature. 🙂

    • Dave, I actually don’t believe that it IS your nature, but it is entirely your option to believe so : )

  3. Jenny B said:

    Glad your mom is resting peacefully, Jim. It is a wonderful thing to know that your loved one is feeling no pain and truly living again. Lots of hugs to you and your fam.

    • Thank you, ma’am.
      It occurred to me that perhaps I was the only one at the funeral smiling; if so, I hope those who noticed are wondering about that : )

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