A Proper End-ing


Well, through a surprising set of circumstances, I finally have my Christmas present from Floyd.

deerbuttkitchenI think that the deer butt goes nicely with the antler-pendant motifs – don’t you?

Ethel hasn’t seen it yet – she’s upstairs, working, on the phone, busy. I’ wondering how long it will take her to notice the new ruminant-rump addition to the kitchen.

I didn’t get the optional anus-mounted bottle opener, for the simple reason that we don’t open any bottles that would require such an opener. No sense in wasting money.

Well, we’re home. Alabama and back; Mom laid to rest, family and friends visited, old sites of interest (schools, homes, meeting houses) toured and noted. For those of you playing along at home, Huntsville, AL now stretches all the way to the LImestone county line on US 72.

Family and friends are doing well. Saw Jerry and Mary, missed Rich. Saw much of the extended family at the funeral, visited with brothers (and their extended families) more later. It seemed to me that everybody asked just how in the heck Ethel and I work full-time while living at 8840 feet elevation at a ski hill; seems that most folks don’t do that. If half of the folks who said that they were coming to visit do so, then we’re going to be busy around here.

Spent time with grandchildren; Sam is even more precocious. My granddaughters Kaylin and Hali, whom I hadn’t seen in quite a few years, seemed to be scared of the bald old man with the soul patch, but got along well with Ethel We hope to see them out here soon.

The UAH campus (my alma mater) is getting crowded, what with all of the new buildings; and my old junior college, John C Calhoun (aka UCLA – University of Calhoun in Limestone, AL, aka Tulane – Two lane out there, two lane back) has now taken possession of the huge old Chrysler plant at the south end of the UAH campus, reinforcing its status as a feeder school.

In Athens, we visited the duplex where Silas was conceived, and the house he was born into. The duplex seems to be running down; looks like the house has been bought and had rooms added on. Things change, you know. That’s why I’m a bald old man with a soul patch because things change.

I left my cell phone in the rental car in Nashville; the folks there were as good as their word, and they got my phone overnighted to me way up here in ski country. (The rental was a Fiat 500, which is the polar opposite of Ethel’s Volkswagen Touareg, but it’s got her thinking. 40 mpg, hmmm?)

Tomorrow I go back to work. I’m about ready to do that, even though I find I am exhausted. I honestly do not know why I am so exhausted, unless it has something to do with traveling across the country, the funeral, being busy visiting, and traveling back across the country – all while being a bald old man with a soul patch.




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