100 Miles. Of Vertical.

This is Mt Everest.

everestMt Everest is 29,029 feet above sea level.

Yesterday, I crossed 100 miles of vertical for the ski season. That’s the vertical equivalent of skiing Mt Everest, from the top down to sea level, 18.2 times.

I’ve probably skied more vertical than that in a ski season before, but I was never tracking total vertical until this year. I suspect that the year that I skied 67 days at The Canyons in Park City, I skied more than that; I was on patrol that year, so Saturdays and Sundays I was skiing All. Day. Long. One day I went over 50,000 feet for that day. That’s just craziness.

With so much lunchtime skiing, and so much time that I spent weak because of illness, I’m just averaging 7014 vertical feet/day for the last 76 days of skiing. That’s about five runs a day.  And that won’t get me to 150 miles of vertical for the season, even if I make my 100 days.

But First Things First. 24 more days on boards, and maybe I can get a “100DAYS” Colorado license plate : )


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