Fruits and Nuts


Here was the first course of this morning’s breakfast:


That’s a home-grown grapefruit, grown in our side yard in Arizona, and shipped to us by our house sitter, Jane. (why will my editor condone “babysitter” as one word, but not “housesitter”?)

I suspect that, with shipping, this grapefruit cost us a lot more than one we could buy in the store. But Ethel gets to eat her own grapefruit, so for that – spare no expense!

I had Grapefruit, and then I had my Grape Nuts, so I suppose I had Fruits and Nuts for breakfast. Which fits, because, with some of the laws that Colorado has passed lately, and the fact that CU has joined the PAC, we might as well be in the mountains of California.

I haven’t seen anybody walking around smoking a joint yet – but then, maybe I have, and just didn’t know it I do know that the ski hill is Federal land, and we have armed Federal Forest Service agents riding the lifts and skiing the trails, and they say no-no-NO-no to dopesmokers in the National Forest, regardless of what laws Denver might pass.

So it’s really not a problem, although I would have to admit that I would still be more comfortable in Utah. Mormons are my kind of people, even if I’m not their kind of Gentile. When Ethel and I talk about finding somewhere else to live and ski, it bothers me that there aren’t any towns in Utah (other than Park City, where Ethel won’t go because it’s too crowded) that fit the listed requirements:

* A reasonably sized town at the base of the ski hill, so we can live and ski and  work and shop and go to meetings and church and the doctor’s office all in the same place.
* Reliable snow fall
* An Episcopal church
* High-speed (and high capacity) internet.
* Affordable

Come to think of it, Park City might not fit that last requirement, anymore. They are really attached to their real estate, and they don’t want you to have any, thankyouverymuch.

The amusing part of all of this is that possibly the best location that meets all of these points is South Lake Tahoe. Which would mean we’d be living in California. It’s a good thing that my parents have passed away – if I had typed that while they were still living, it would have killed them : )

  1. Damon said:

    More and more, my wife is talking about moving back out west. When we moved to VT 14 years ago, we both assumed we’d get the kids through school here and then move back out west. We want to be close to skiing, close to some fly fishing (the hobby I seem to be drifting into as I get older and more feeble), and we would probably want a CrossFit gym nearby.

    Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming are the current states of interest. I might even be able to keep my current job and move to one of those places. Maybe Bozeman. It’s about the same amount of driving time from Bozeman to Big Sky that I currently have from my house to Sugarbush. The trout fishing there is some of the best in the country. I’m sure they have a CrossFit gym.

    Utah and California are on the list as well, but they seem to get squeezed out by the other locations, at least when we are speculating. Real estate prices are certainly an issue for the desirable parts of those two states.

    • What I really like about Purgatory:

      1) It’s never crowded. 2) When it’s not snowing, it’s 35 F and blue skies. 3) Condos at Purgatory are cheaper than they are in Durango : )

      Montana, Idaho and Wyoming are pretty darn cold. (I’d put up with the cold to live in Jackson, but first off I’d have to sell some organs). Cold is not bad when one is young, but as I get older, I find it affects me a bit more.

  2. hinkmond said:

    1. Truckee, 2. Pollock Pines, or 3. Placerville, CA. Remember though that the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe has no state income tax (only sales tax), but the places to live on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe like Incline Village, NV are more expensive. Go figure.

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