A Short One Today,w/Jozin

…as I slept late this morning, and yet have to leave on time to get to a 5:30 meeting in town; thus, all the day I am rushed.

But I wanted to make sure that everybody out there had the oppotunity to learn about Jozin, the monster from the bog, who eats (mostly) Prague citizens.


Yes, that’s Jozin z Bazin (if the pic link won’t work for you, click here ). Say – when’s the last time you saw a young Abe Lincoln play the bass brass kazoo?

For a long time, I’ve figured that I’m lazy, because my running has been going poorly. However, upon reflection, I have decided that I am not just lazy – that I must have the  LeukeLymphoHodgkinsEbola Flu. And probably some vitamin deficiencies.

Yesterday I ran the slowest level-surface miles that I’ve ever “run” – 12:06 average pace for 3.3 miles out in front of the condo here. Not too long ago, I would have been UNABLE to run 12 minute miles – my legs simply would not move that slowly unless I were walking, and my stride would not be that short under any circumstances.

So I’m making an appointment with a doctor in Anthem for a physical – I tried to get my doc here in Durango to do one, but I can’t get in to see him until after I’m already back in Arizona, and I don’t want to drive back up here just for a doctor’s appointment.

In the meantime, I’m gonna ski with Texans, and watch out for Jozin z Bazin. And I suggest that you do the same.

(Ethel – plaid jacket and big red tie? Xmas idea!)

  1. Dave C said:

    Just yesterday I wrote something on FB about running paces and noted:

    My current “very uncomfortably fast” is slower than my “too slow” used to be.

    So I feel your pain. I’m also running paces I used to be unable to run.

    • Ancyent –

      The funny thing is that we are *still running*.

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