Hungarian Shake


Before there was YouTube – before there was an internet – before people even had video cameras the Eastern Bloc – the Eastern Bloc! – had it’s own version of the Harlem Shake.

If you read these pages, then you may have seen yesterday’s post about Jozin z Brozin –  but, if you didn’t, then here again is the story in all its glory:


Now, you just ain’t gettin’ nuttin’ better than that. However, note the elements – a curious intro, some humorous components, and then you have the guy in the suit breaking in and livenin’ up the joint. Sort of Harlem Shakish, don’t’cha think?

Well, the rest of the Eastern Bloc thought so. The above was the original – but here comes the Polish version!

KabaretPodYep, they are kickin Polish Jozin patootie, and no mistake – but look! Here come the Serbs!


…and the Lithuanians!


And – lord help us – a version with a banjo:


Just perusing the sidebars, you can find punk rock Jozins, russian Jozins (showing the story rather than the performers, sung in Czech with Cyrillic subtittles) and cartoon Jozins.

If you go to bed tonight with “Jozin z Bazin” in your mental headphones, then I have done my job for the day.


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