Having To Think About It

This last weekend, Ethel and I finished the series Fringe.

fringeIt’s a Bad Robot production, which means that it’s a good story.

And I have to say that this series finished up better than any long-story-arc series that I’ve ever seen (I’m not comparing this to Buffy; Buffy did not have anything like this many unanswered questions, thus tying up loose ends was not an issue for Mutant Enemy).

Fringe took the five-year-long laying down of story elements that don’t get reconciled until the end path of Babylon 5, and made the interim fuzzier – and tied everything up beautifully.

Some time back, I mentioned that I won’t watch just any entertainment; it has to make me think. Fringe has that attribute in spades. Now, I don’t always agree with the logical connections of events that they lay out, but I have to admit that it could work that way, and it leaves me thinking about it, rather than just shrugging and saying “Whatever. It’s just a show.”

When the last episode finished, the question of “Why was Peter alive at the end?” had Ethel and I discussing that eventuality for a bit, and she did some research (read: she googled) and determined that most people had the same theory that we had. Now, this was never explicitly stated – you had to come up with it, but given the internal consistencies, the consensus view makes sense.

(If you think that asking “Why was Peter alive at the end?” might be a spoiler, then I can assure you that you don’t know Fringe : )

Next up – “Alias”, another Bad Robot production. I trust JJ Abrams. I don’t trust those Battlestar Galactica folks, but I trust JJ Abrams : )


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