Millview -= that’s a word that gets used a lot. In, say, real estate place names. Or shopping centers : )

The usual connotation is that “from here you can see the mill” (or the place where the mill used to be. Or you can see the area from which you once could see where the mill might have been).

Here’s my idea of a MillView – the view from the treadmill here at Cascade Village:


As anyone who pays attention to me know,s those 13,000+ peaks are the West Needles range of the San Juan Mountains. The peak to the left is Potato Hill, known to the locals as “Spud”.

Today was seven slow miles. But, then, all of my miles are slow these days – slower than I’ve ever imagined that I would run. I figured I’d be faster than this in my 80s (assuming that I saw my 80s). Who knows? Maybe I will be.

There’s a bit of a discussion going on right now on DRS about running with music. Well, I like my music at the cadence at which I am running. It can be inspirational. Why, today, I was running at about 175 steps per minute listening to CNR by Wierd Al –

Charles Nelson Reilly sold his toenail clippings as a potent aphrodisiac
He ran a four-minute mile blindfolded with an engine block strap to his back
He could eat more frozen waffles than any other man I know –
Once he fell off the Chrysler Buildng and he barely even stubbed his toe.
Had a tiny little scratch on his toe –
Didn’t even hurt!  — CNR, Weird Al Yankovic

Now, that is music that can push you along, and give you something to live up to, as well – a musical role model. I’ll never be Charles Nelson Reilly, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t try.

As I type this, Ethel is over at the ski hill, knocking out day 99. This evening we’ll pack, and tomorrow we’ll ski and drive. Day 100. That gives a fellow pause.



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