Back Home Again

I…am back in Scott$dale.

It’s a lovely day here in the Cosmetic Surgery City – mid 80s Farenheit, some fluffy clouds. No indication whatever that, sometime in the next three months, the mercury will pass 115 F. No indication at all.

This weekend, I spent some time shining up the Z3:

z3I’ve had this car for six years. I sure would like to have it for another six.

It does need some work – some of the interior leather is torn. Arizona summers have that effect on leather. That’s why our cows don’t live long. And see the little BMW logo on the front quarter panel – with the circle cut into blue-and-white quarters? The blue is coming off. That means that the car is old.

The BMW has been my Arizona car. I’ve been driving the Hyundai Santa Fe up in Colorado the last couple of years, but Ethel has decided to sell her VW Touareg and start driving the Hyundai again. She had the amazing realization that having a car payment is not fun. (It only took her about 18 months of making a car payment to have this revelation.) The Hyundai is not as fancy as the Touareg, but it may never die – and when something goes wrong on the Touareg, it costs about a half a Hyundai to fix it.

So Ethel will sell the Touareg and start driving the Hyundai again. I’ll keep driving my little sub-compact economy car (seen above) until the wheels fall off.

We’ve put a cover on the pool, as it wasn’t warming up very fast, even with the solar heater going. The nights have been cool, so each night we’d lose what warming we got during the day. That’s not acceptable – if’n a feller is gonna have a cement pond, then he ought to be able to swim in it. And not just May-September, either.

I’m still trying to get my cost/swim down under $100 – so far, no luck. Gonna need a much longer swim season, or a much greater life expectancy.

This morning, I went back to Mountainside Fitness; first time there since November (okay, I don’t need to say that anymore. EVERYTHING is the first time since November). Some folks said “Hey, how was the skiing?” Some folks said “Where have you been?” And some folks didn’t even notice that I’d been gone at all. If you ever start thinking that you’re the center of the universe, just disappear for three or four months, and notice how little anyone cares : )

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