Hot Dog Secret

I am…BUSY at work.

(“Busy” in this context implies a level of ACTivity, not a level of PROUCTivity – i.e. I’m acting like I’m being productive, I guess.)

So I haven’t had time to post. But I did have time to eat lunch.

Sure, you all knew this all along – but, since I was not in the classes where folks learned how to live life, I’ve had to figure these things out for myself.

For instance – how to microwave a hot dog.

HotDogFor many years, I’ve microwaved a hot dog by putting it on a plate, and while it was microwaving, I’d get the bun and mustard and ketchup out. Then I’d take the hot dog out of the microwave, and put it on the bun, and put on the ketchup and mustard.

However, one thing that I’ve always liked about “commercial” hot dogs is the nice steamed, heated bun. But my hot-dog-microwaving-method didn’t support that. Who’s got time to steam a bun?

But this last autumn, it suddenly hit me – it struck me like a flash, like a vision burnt across the clouds – put the hot dog in the microwave like always, but then stop it with ten seconds to go, and then OPEN UP THE BUN AND PUT IT OVER THE HOT DOG WHILE THE HOT DOG COOKS.

Voila – a nice, hot steamed bun and dog.

Why didn’t you people TELL me?


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