Floyd the Bunny Slayer

Bunnies. are the bane of our existence at the Chocolate House.

They eat all of the plants that we put out; they seem to have become immune to rabbit repellent, and they’ve gotten quite cocky – they are not afraid of Lucy (even though she got one last month). They just keep coming through the fence and keep eating our stuff.

So Ethel put out a bounty – $10 for a confirmed bunny kill.

Floyd was the first recipient.

FloydAndTheBunny“In every generation there is a chosen one. He alone will stand against the bunnies, the vampires and the forces of darkness. He is the bunny slayer.”

Yep, Floyd got the bunny with his compound bow – as you can see, it was a kill shot, through the neck or the head (the difference is not immediately clear with a bunny corpse, and I wasn’t going to do an autopsy). Now he’s ready to head off to the Serengeti to take down some BIG, African bunnies.

(You might have noticed the beard. It’s actually quite impressive – it’s a better beard than his father, his uncles or his grandfather could grow. We’ve all been bearded at one time or the other, but never with the coverage and fullness of that ZZ Top thing that Floyd is sporting. Yep, he’s a stylish killer!)

This morning, I contacted my friend Patrick, who is a hunting guide and outfitter, to get Floyd a trip to go bag a big white-tail or mule bunny in the mountains down near Tucson. With any luck, we’ll have something mounted on the wall in a few months.

  1. Yeah, at that rate you should eliminate the local bunny population in a thousand years or so.

  2. I’m hoping (not hopping) you will do a new post soon. I am tired of looking at the dead rabbit.

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