Please Be Upset. Thank You.

The sunlight is starting to look a bit summery, although it only got up to 91 F today here in gorgeous New River, AZ.

A great time to sit and just look. Too bad I had to work : )

Today, on an email list of which I have been a member for over twenty years, somebody said something to the effect that “I know that we are all stressed out about Boston”.


Look, I know that bad things (if you’re into the whole good/bad idea) happened in Boston. But I’m not the least bit “stressed out” over it. In fact, I can’t IMAGINE being stressed out over it. Those things happened. A lot of other “bad” stuff happened all over the world that very same day.

So I posted and pointed out that, no, I actually wasn’t stressed out about it at all. I said that I didn’t want to start a conversation about it, but that it had occurred to me that perhaps other folks might be stressing out because they are being told that they should be stressed out, and they aren’t.

Not only that, but there was a sub-context going on – the email list is the Dead Runners Society. Some folks are saying that we shouldn’t wear our t-shirts because folks might find them offensive.

I allowed as to how folks who want to find offense will find it, but that other folks won’t – and used as example a fellow who said that some of his co-workers actually thought that he was wearing a shirt that said “Dead Runners Society” to show support for the injured and killed runners.

Turns out that there are folks who find not being upset…upsetting : )

I got backchannel email from a guy who found my email upsetting – told me that it wasn’t just the deaths,but the “terror” in Boston that I should be upset about .

I thanked him for his note, but have to admit that I found his statements amusing. What, exactly, did he expect me to DO? Pretend to be upset? Decide to get upset? : )

I didn’t ask him. There didn’t really seem to be anything to discuss….




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