La Fuente

Mi amiga Nangel asked me the other day what kind of fountain we had.

The only answer I could give was “A Mexican fountain” because that’s what we call it, but how do I know where it came from? I suppose “three-tiered circular” might be a better description, but I’ve never heard any fountain talk, so I really don’t know

This year, we had to replace the pump, which meant that the whole thing had to be broken down, which meant that it had to be put back together. This is an exhausting process, due to the precise leveling that has to happen to keep the streams even around the tiers. There’s also this little fact; when I get a tier level, I then add the tier above it. And adding the next tier, and getting it level,  tends to disturb the one below it; So then, when I relevel the lower tier, that means that the upper tier has now lost ITS level, and so it goes, ad infinitum.

I often post pics of my view from my home office; here is what Ethel sees from her desk, looking into the front yard:

lafuenteLa Fuente is on the left, through the middle glass (the right side of the French doors) you can see the Bama Banner up on the hill (that smudge of crimson) and on the right, the small oleander.

That bundle of sticks you can see above the small oleander is a dead saguaro skeleton. Those are considered “cool” to have in your yard.

We have a lot of work to do in the yard, still recovering from the winter. Floyd and Angela brought us twenty or thirty small agaves; we lost Alice, our huge agave, this winter;. We can’t figure out what killed her, as other agaves much smaller survived the winter just fine. She must weigh over a hundred pounds – I had to put her corpse into a wheelbarrow to roll her away. We’ll plant a replacement there, and another thrity or so attendants : )

We still haven’t hit 100 F at the airport, much less up here in New River. This is the coolest April that I can recall.


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