You are connected. (a second post today, I don’t know why) WHAT? Or to WHOM?

connectedInstead of just saying “Order #110-1063073-8252209” I should also  have said “What is your name?” Then he could have told me his name again and asked me for the order number.

We could have kept that up all day : )

Amazon lost my stuff in transit. Actually, it was ETHEL’S order. What does “guaranteed’ two-day free delivery” mean? If it’s not there in two days, I get my “free” back? (Pawan is still thinking about that question).

Speaking of questions that have kept me thinking:

* Why do you see business cards that say “Attorney At Law” but never see a business card from an “Attorney At Cooking” or an “Attorney At Accounting” If you can only be an Attorney At Law, then why add the At Law?

* Was Tom Skerrit born that age?

I’m still studying Spanish daily. While I’m reading or writing, I can muddle through, but as soon as I start trying to speak, I stumble, and as soon as I start listening, Church is Out. Reading and writing is like filling out a puzzle. Speaking is like loading a gun and shooting at a target; listening is like trying to catch somebody else’s bullets.

Speaking of questions that won’t go away – why does the spell checker hate “else’s” when I’m using it as a possessive? This spell checker is NOT going to coerce me into doing something stupid. I refuse.

Well, Pawan has possibly decided to find another line of work:

I have checked that there is no tracking upate and it seems that the order has lost in transit.
If you wish, I can process the replacement for the item.
Me:So what does “guaranteed two day free delivery” mean? if it’s not here in two days, I get my “free”
Pawan:I can try to reship the item to you with the saturday delivery.
Pawan:Allow me a minute.
Me:I’m still stuck on the “guaranteed” thing.
Pawan:I have processed the replacement with the saturday delivery.
Guaranteed Delivery Date: Saturday, April 27, 2013
Me:Since the last guaranteed delivery date was yesterday, what does the “guarantee” mean?
Pawan:Guarantee means you will receive the item on time.but the item was lost that is the reason you didn’t receive the item.
Me:I mean, we’re fulfilling the two-day delivery guarantee by delivering it in four days. If that doesn’t make it, then does that mean that I’ll have to wait eight?
It just seems that I’m paying for something that I’m not getting here….that being the “guaranteed two-day delivery”.
Pawan:I am sorry, the order was got lost.otherwise, we would have delivered the item to you on time.
I assure you that you will surely receive the item on saturday.

Me:Okay, thanks.

Pawan:Is there anything else I can do for you?

Me:No, thank you. Sorry to trouble you.

Pawan:No problem, we are here to help you.

  1. I had a similar experience with USPS “delivery confirmation”. It wasn’t delivered, so they never could confirm that. I asked for my money back and they seemed to think that was rather strange. They did eventually find pieces of the box somewhere between here and the delivery address. So ‘A’ for effort but ‘C’ for comprehension (lacking).

    • Yes, it does seem strange that I pay a lump sum for guaranteed delivery, but I don’t get anything if it isn’t delivered. HUH? : )

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