Just a Phone, Thanks

A few weeks back, my email stopped working on my Droid.

I told our comm guys at work, and they said “Okay, put in a request for a new phone”.

No, wait, see, I just want to get my email straightened out – I’m sure that I don’t need a new phone. Can we just get the email straightened out? I’d rather just get that fixed than get a new phone. I don’t need a new phone – I like my phone just fine. Can we straighten out the email configuration?

My new phone is a Droid Razr.

razrWhen I got the new phone…my email didn’t work. The comm guy looked at the phone, clicked some setting, and then the email worked. But I already had the new phone.

But my old phone was fine. And I had a nice hard Otter cover for it. Funny thing about the Droid Razr; the phone itself weighs as much as my X (or Incredible or whatever my old Droid is) weighs with the Otter cover. So if I buy a new cover, this skinnier phone will weigh more.

And here’s a thing – the Razr’s phone app (see, a phone isn’t a phone any more. A phone HAS a phone app. Next, they’ll be making mothers that aren’t mothers, but that have a mother app) has a new lack-of-feature – no speed dial. Now, you have to create a separate folder and save off little copies of the phone app with preset numbers, and press and hold THOSE icons to speed dial. Which means that you have to leave the phone to call the people that you call the most.

Another lack-of-feature – no Contacts anymore in the phone. Just Dialer (with no speed dial), Recent Calls, and Favorites. And it builds up the favorites list for you, since you’re too stupid to do so – heck, if you had any brains, they’d still let you do Speed Dial on your own. Duh.

It has a slightly larger screen, so I have more surface area to cuss at when I can’t do speed dial or go to my Contacts list inside the phone app.

Yesterday, I was walking through North Scottsdale, and I clicked the Maps icon. It took ten minutes for the Maps app to come up, and when it did, it was locked up with a blank screen. I had to restart the app to find out that – guess what? I had a new update of the Maps application! Of course, by the time I found this out, I was already where I had been walking to, and to where I had to navigate without my Maps app.

I keep almost asking the comm guy to reactivate my old phone instead, but then I find out – oh, okay, I can work around that problem this way; maybe it’s not too bad. And the comm guy says that he’ll do it, but that it doesn’t make sense. He thinks I’m stupid for asking for my old phone back, since this one is so much “better”.

You know what? Somebody else would LOVE this new phone. And right now my old phone is sitting in my bag; nobody is getting to use it. So maybe we’ll just turn my old phone back on, and I’ll give this new phone back to them, and then, when my phone really stops working, they might have a phone for me then.

I’m glad we had this little talk.

Beside, I paid for that Otter case myself.


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