Inverted View

We’re back up in Colorado for a week.

Saturday was 11.5 slow waddlin’ hilly miles on US 550, which took a long time. When I was finished, I had to do my calisthenics – pushups, pullups, crunches. The first set of pushups and pullups went okay, but the problem with crunches is that you have to lay down to do ’em – and once I laid down, Church was Out.

lookingupThat’s the view looking up from the ground in front of my ottoman (had my legs up over the ottoman, doing the crunches) in the great room of the Money Pit. That hairy white thing is my knee.

I did, eventually, finish that set of crunches and make my way through another set of everything before doing my stretching – before calling Durango Dan and spending the rest of the day moving. We’re up here getting the small condo ready to go back into vacation rental while it’s on the market to sell, which means that we’re refurnishing it (a good bit of what came into the big place came out of the small place) in addition to some painting and having the carpets cleaned and suchlike.

We brought some stuff up from Arizona (recall that we have a new mattress and box springs) and all of that was coming into the big condo, replacing stuff that was coming out, because moving things just once wasn’t tiring enough. And we still have more stuff being delivered this week. Plus there was wiring and such to do – I still haven’t finished re-hooking up the TV and sound system over there.

And, when we’re done, then that condo will go into local property management until our friend Mike the Realtor gets it sold. Then it will be gone. This is part of the Great Circle of LIfe – but being over there this much has reminded me just how much I loved that little condo when I first saw it. I’d move back into it right now, but Ethel won’t go.

She’s so mean and selfish.

  1. Oh, how saintly you are to put up with such a mean and selfish wife.

    I’m thinking it is a long, long time since she peeled a grape for you.

    p.s. If you don’t sell that condo, I’d be glad to help you out.
    I will pay my lawyer to draw up the papers to relieve you of the burden.
    NO Cost to You. Just because I care.

    • Your giving knows no end.

      And, in this case, no beginning : )

  2. Ethel said:

    He!! “she” can read these comments you know. 😉

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