I Can’t Do It

There, just outside of my office door, is our pool.


It looks inviting.

But in order to get to that pool, I will have to walk through…The Inferno.It’s after 6 PM, up here at elevation, and it is 107 F out there as we speak

If I do get into the pool, then when I get out of the pool – since it’s about 5% humidity – I will be FREEZING (due to evaporative cooling) until the water is off off me, at which time I will again be bursting into flame.

Here in the house, it’s 78 F and air conditioned.

So I reckon I’m not going to do it. I’m going to stay in here. and complain about having to pay for the pool : )

It’s just plumb nuts to live in a place where it is this hot. And certainly to live in a place where it is still this hot, at 6:10 PM, in early June.

But Ethel wants to live in a place that is this hot, so this is where we live.

And Ethel wants a pool, so we have a pool.

But I’ll be danged if’n I’m a-gonna get in it. I can be less uncomfortable with less trouble sitting here.

But I’m feeling sort of sluggish, so I reckon that I’ll walk around the house.



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