It’s Finally Hot

Today’s Phoenix NWS page:

HotI always find it amusing that the Phoenix forecast doesn’t say “Hot” until the forecast high is 110 F or above. The next two days, at 109 and 108 F respectively, are “Sunny”.

This morning, I was out in the yard before 5 AM, and it was glorious In fact, it’s still pretty nice out there, in the 80s (writing this at 7:49 AM). And last night, after the sun went down, even though it was still above 100 F, it was pleasant enough – not having that sun beat down on one’s skin helps, and there was a nice breeze.

Evenings and mornings can still be very nice here in unutterably gorgeous New River, but the days are bleached-out and oppressive. And they will be until at least September. Might as well get used to it. Can’t dance.

The weekend’s activities are filling in – tomorrow morning will be my long waddle, at the gym. Just too dang hot to do a long run on the roads – haven’t acclimated to the heat yet, and I won’t acclimate as long as it’s that hot.

Then Ethel drives to Scottsdale to show her car – somebody is looking to buy it – and I’ll drive down to Arrowhead to go to their Dick’s Sporting Goods archery shop – that’s where the best one is, they say.

Then a regular Saturday – work in the yard, jump in the pool, repeat until it’s too hot – and then we have a Founder’s Day get together at our home group.

Sunday morning, we have a 5:45 tee time at Legend at Arrowhead, then a regular Sunday until the grandson comes to spend the night.

So, by Monday, I should be burned and dehydrated. A regular June weekend in Arizona.



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