I Don’t Think It’s Working

This just showed up in my Pandora window:


I have to admit, it looks like this guy needs a LOT of testosterone. I don’t think that he has any at all.

And I think his pants are about to fall off. And, if the man doesn’t have any testosterone, he probably would be pretty embarrassed if his pants fell off.

I’m glad that I don’t have this problem. They say that baldness can be caused by excess testosterone, which would make me a Man’s Man’s Man.

…who, me? I have been busy, busy, busy!

In my Rosetta Stone (which is one of the ways in which I have been busy, busy, busy) there was a lesson in which people discussed their work and their hobby. “Mi trabajo es enseñar, pero mi pasatiempo es tocar la guitarra”  (My profession is teaching but my passtime is playing the guitar). “Mi trabajo es cocinar, pero mi pasatiempo es estudiar español” (My job is cooking, but my hobby is studying Spanish).

One of the things that I noticed was that none of the examples said “Mi trabajo es ingeiero de software, pero mis pasatiempos son tocar el guitarra y el banjo y el ukulele, y correr, y levantar los pesos, y la escalada de roca, y esquiar, y el pareasaidismo, y jugar al golf, y tirar al arco, y el snokel y el buceo  y  el surf, y estudiar español”. (My job is software engineer, but my hobbies are playing the guitar and banjo and ukulele, and running, and lifting weights, and rock climbing, and skiing, and skydiving, and playing golf, and archery, and snorkeling and scuba and surfing, and studying Spanish). I didn’t see any examples like that.

That doesn’t even mention meetings, or taking care of a house and two condos and an acre of desert landscaping.

So, yeah, I’ve been busy.

Here lately, I’m not doing all of those things. The banjo and uke are gathering dust – I am picking up the guitar when I’m in the greatroom and Ethel is cooking. Skydiving is set aside while we take PADI lessons to get certified for SCUBA before our trip to Isla Mujeres this year. Each week we’re going to go climbing up in Jack’s Canyon, and each week it gets put off for another week. And golf is if-and-when.

But Ethel wants to get certified, so that’s where the effort is now.  I’m still doing (almost) daily study in my Rosetta Stone and corresponding with my amiga de correspondencia, but if Ethel sees me studying anything other than the PADI book she gets antsy.

I’m still running (well, I’m jogging, but that’s a step up from the waddling that I was doing for a few months) right at forty miles per week, and doing my light lifting and core.

And taking ZMA so that I will have plenty of free testosterone, so that I won’t look like that poor fellow in the picture.

  1. Kristi said:

    I got my Open Water Certification (SSI, not PADI) in March, down in San Carlos, MX. You’ll have much better sightseeing on the other side of the country 🙂 I’m still not entirely sold on the wonders of diving (snorkeling seems so much easier and less expensive!), but, as a friend said, it’s a good skill to have. Good luck with the PADI class, and I’d love to see some pictures from the Isla dive(s), if you take any.

    • I understand re: snorkeling vs diving.

      However, I will admit that there is something amazing about being able to breathe underwater. And you can dive to places that I can never get snorkeling (I’m good to about 20 feet with a snorkel, and then I have to head back to the surface : )

      • Kristi said:

        Agreed! I’m hopeless at getting more than a couple of feet below the surface while snorkeling (and I can’t hold my breath long enough to see anything worthwhile). I’d love to do some wreck diving, but still have a lot of apprehension about deep diving. I got down to about 70 feet on my 4th certification dive and started having nagging fears of all the compression/decompression issues that could occur. Sleep debt + cold water + newbie nerves made for a less than optimal experience. On the other hand, diving with sea lions was delightful! (one neat photo from my trip – http://tinyurl.com/kvmk96k)

  2. Going by the dopey look on his face, I think maybe that guy was taking something other than testosterone.

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