Beat Like A Tied-Up Goat

I….am exhausted. Completely exhausted.

And it’s a Monday morning. Dang.

I sure am glad that it’s a three day workweek (I’m taking a vacation day Friday – but, then, I’ll be prepping the house to go on the market, so that’s not going to be any kind of rest day, is it?)

I was in Salt Lake last week, and I had nowhere to sit.

NoSofaEthel got a hotel through Priceline, and it looked like a good deal. They had just completed a remodel. We walked into the lobby, and it looked lovely.

But it turns out that they fibbed just a little bit – they had not, actually, completed the remodel. The first room that they put us in was still sort of under-construction; they had sheets hanging over the window.

So they upgraded us to a suite – but it turned out that the part of the room that made it a “suite”, the part with the big screen TV and living area – didn’t have a sofa, so you could STAND over there and watch the big screen TV if you wanted to, or sit on the ground. (That’s the open area you see above, beside the end table (end of what?) between the coffee table and the wall. If I were a hotel designer, I would put a sofa there).

There were other interesting aspects to the hotel – for one thing, it had a very nice single-cup coffee maker, but there wasn’t anywhere to plug it in while the coffee maker was on any of the pieces of furniture that one would expect to put the coffee maker.

They had an ironing board that came out of the wall from behind a mirror, but they had installed the smoke detector directly over the installed ironing board, so BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!

The suite had a jetted tub – but no jets. Just threaded holes in the tub walls. N.B. – if your are in a jetted tub with no jets, don’t turn on the whirlpool. Bad idea.

The Salt Lake trip was a real burn – interviews and meeting with folks and running wif Da OotahClydzz, then came home on Wednesday night and flew out to Pleasanton, CA on Thursday for more interviews, then back that night.

On Friday, I took the day off sick, because I couldn’t even think straight. I just lay there on the couch, often with my eyes closed – but then the realtor came by the house with a stager in the late afternoon, and Ethel had me moving furniture (mostly out to the garage) for the evening.

The weekend? Oh, the weekend – 15 miles on Saturday morning, then spent the day in class and in the pool, finishing up all of our PADI work, so that we could turn around and head for the lake on Sunday to do our open-water dives. Ethel and I are now PADI-certified Open Water Scuba Divers.

Okay – check that off the bucket list.

In between all of this other stuff, I was moving furniture – mostly out to the garage. It was the hottest June on record in Phoenix, and the fun isn’t over yet – the next four days are all 110+ F.  Floyd and family came over on Sunday afternoon, and, while helping me take the treadmill out to the garage, he said “Did we agree that none of us would move in Phoenix in the summer, ever, again?”

I had no response.

I’m really, really tired.

Is it bedtime yet?

  1. Jenny said:

    You were here and didn’t even call? Sniff! Haha.

    Hope all is going well. Are you returning for good?

    • I was there in a whirlwind. And I THINK I sent an email to you at FMR saying that I was coming. Maybe you have me blocked? : )

      I’d say it’s about 75% that I’m coming back up there for good (or, at least, as a permanent move. I thought that the FIRST time I moved to Utah it was going to be a permanent move : )

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