We Won Again

Things are a little…..stressed right now at the Chocolate House.

Which is, btw, up for sale.

So last night, we sat back and watched something that had no stress involved at all – the 2013 BCS Championship Game – I mean, Scrimmage.


Much fun was had at the Irish’s expense. Sorry – but after the “Domer vs Mobile Homers” and “Catholics vs Cousins” t-shirts, it seemed justified.

We will not have another team like that for a long time – maybe never. But that’s okay – likely, neither will anyone else.

This year looks much more iffy – sure, we’re the preseason #1. I think that, last year, USCw was the preseason #1 – and they went 7-6. We are replacing three of the five O-linemen and”Spin Button” Lacy is gone, so we might not be able to run the ball as well. (Yes, Floyd, I know that we’ve got a crazy stable of running backs – but how many of them have never played a down of college football?)

So Ethel and I decided to take a break from all the crazy stress and have some crazy fun!

1 comment
  1. Floyd said:

    It’s “circle button” for spin moves, and don’t get me started on our RB’s, cause our WR’s are even sicker!

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