Moving A Phone Number

Many years ago, I gave my phone number to Go Daddy so that they could pay my phone bill for me. (That was nice of them).

Now they have kindly given it back to me.

And it is sending Verizon Tech Support into a tizzy.


They are trying to move my phone number to this NEW phone from my GD phone (GoDaddy graciously let my have my phone while all of this works out).

And they can’t do it.

The first time they tried, they sold me a new phone at the store, and gave me a temporary number until the transfer of liability (i.e. GoDaddy giving me my number back) took place.

Then, when the transfer did take place – well, never mind. That was an accounting nightmare!

I’ve been on the phone now for 69:02 while they figured out what happened. They think that they’ve got it now – but it’s still going to take a bit.

I have not yet gotten fully dressed. I put on my running clothes a couple of hours ago, but never made it to the garage to go to the gym. Currently on the phone w/Verizon tech support trying to get my phone number moved to my new phone (GD took my number when they started paying for my phone, and now they’ve given it back). Ethel is working with a pigeon at Denny’s. The New River Pucketts aren’t getting much done today.

Now it’s been 79:55 and we’re still going through this. No wonder cell phones are so expensive – somebody’s gotta PAY these guys!

News…well, a week ago yesterday we put the house on the market. Amy Gilner did the listing for us. It took her four days to get a full price offer, FIVE days to get a full price cash offer – and a whole week to get a full price offer that we could live with. Reckon I orta report her to the Better Business Bureau? : )


(she did an AMAZING job. I’d like to show you the online listing, but it’s already invisible because it is “under contract”. Let’s just say that if your realtor doesn’t bring in a professional stylist and stager to stage your house, and a professional photographer to take 60+ photos and a seven-minute video shot with StableCam, fire him and hire Amy ).

99:XX – didn’t see the seconds before it disappeared – that’s a long tech support call. But now my phone works, got my contacts transferred, my apps are reloading…it’s possible that Ethel’s phone got turned off while I was doing that. I would tell her to dial *228 to fix that, but if her phone is off, then she can’t call me….

It’s now 1:24 and I, myself, still have not gotten anything done. But I’ve sat on the phone for an hour and a half while Verizon folks did stuff, and kept rereading the SIM card number to them. That’s gotta count.


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