Pool Table Down

After five plus years, the pool table has come down : (

For five years, we’ve stood around this pool table and pushed the balls around the table and talked and watched the mesa turn red with the sunset and just generally been very glad to be alive and in such a beautiful place. That life is gone, and so – now – is the pool table.


tabledownMy reaction to this is sadness. But I am glad that the guy taking it away is giving it to some friends, some folks who’ve hit some troubles, but enjoy the game of pool – he thinks it will bring some joy to their lives. So that’s a goodness!

Sorta the same way with The Chocolate House – I have some sadness about letting it go. But the folks who are moving in here are so excited – they were all crying together with Ethel when they made the offer. So the Chocolate House isn’t being bought by some investor who wants to turn it over to make some money – it’s being bought by people who want to live in it, and who already love it. So who cares whether it’s us enjoying it, or them? The important thing is the enjoyment. The “us” issue is called “self-centeredness”. The amount of joy in the world will be the same, regardless of the recipients : )

Well, the talks are winding down. I got an offer last week from a great group at a huge company – I would gladly have taken that offer at that time, but I had some other items in the works – some of which involved referrals from friends I’ve worked with before to their current companies. I thought that those conversations should play out – just to keep good faith with those friends, if nothing else.

One of them has come to naught (I won’t be going to Seattle. Ethel can breathe a sigh of relief now ) It looks like two of them are resulting in opportunities – both in Salt Lake – and the third isn’t settled yet – that would be a consulting gig, where I would be flying around the country showing people how smart I am.

(That one is a long shot : )

I really don’t know how much longer we will be here. We are packing. As soon as the job thing is settled, I ‘spect that we’ll head out  – “Shrek and Donkey, off on another whirl-wind big-city adventure!” We are supposed to go on vacation on Isla Mujeres for the last two weeks of August, and at least two of these gigs have taken that into account. (but, of course, I’m  not going to miss the right opportunity to save a pair of plane tickets : )

These are wonderful opportunities. They aren’t the choice between “Dishwasher in New Jersey” and “Newspaper delivery in New Jersey”. Any of them would be just fine by me.

My current job is not to decide. My current job is to find out what He would have me do. Where will I be of the most service? How can I be helpful, and to whom? Decisions involve brains. Guidance involves prayer.

So now my job is prayer.

Oh, and packing : )

  1. I don’t know man.

    For a guy who has no opinions about this and no opinions about that,
    you seem to get stuck with a lot of choices.

    • But these AREN’t choices for ME, YipYap. They are choices for Him.

      And, of course, for Ethel (in case He loses my file : )

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