Isla Mujeres

We are on Isla Mujeres, MX, just a half-hour ferry ride east of Cancun.

ISLA MUJERESWe are on the southeast coast, about two-thirds of the way down – right there at the edge of the green area. My run yesterday went down to Punta Sur (South Point) and back, about 3.6 miles. It’s not a very big island : )

I’ve been busy, busy busy since my last post. Now things are slowing down, because they have to slow down, since I’m on a Caribbean island.

The townhome purchase in Park City is moving forward now without my help. I’m supposed to start work at WorkDay in two weeks and one day – and I have to go to California to start work (orientation at the home office). Things are happening around me that I cannot speed up or slow down.

Meanwhile, here on the island, we’re supposed to be at the dive shop in three minutes for a wreck dive this morning. That doesn’t seem to be happening – Ethel, Miss “let’s be everywhere early”, was told that even though the dive shop told us to be there at 8:20, we shouldn’t be there for an hour or so, because “island time”. If I were the one saying that, then I’d be in trouble; instead, I’m the one saying “we’re spending big bux to do these dives, Ethel, maybe we should be there on time?” has caused me to be in trouble.

And suddenly Ethel has decided that we should, indeed, be there on time. Just now. Gotta go.


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