Way Down Deep

Two dives this morning, off the northeast shore of Isla Mujeres


The dives this morning went down to 70 feet – a reef dive, and then a wreck dive.

One thing that I’m not good at is equalizing pressure through my Eustachian tube. Yesterday, I sorta freaked Ethel out because my mask had blood in it. That “blood in the snot” thing. This morning, we went a lot deeper, but I went a lot slower, keeping hold of the reference line, and was able to keep equalizing pressure at least once per meter; by the time I was under 40 feet or so, it got a lot easier. Funny that it’s easier the deeper I go, but I’d heard that that was the case.

Saw a bunch of fish. Now, Ethel waxes lyrical about swimming through clouds of sea life, but I just saw a lot of fish : ) Plus eels and sessile life and a big manta ray.

And a sunken boat – a Honduran shrimp boat that broke in two as it went down, so that the stern was some distance away from the bow and midship. That’s pretty cool, swimming around a wreck like that. It was way too small for us to go into the wreck, though.

I enjoy diving, but it is a passion for Ethel. I can take it or leave it alone – Ethel seems to have a diving problem : )

We turn around and do a third dive tonight – a night dive. That will be our fifth Advanced Open Water dive, which will get us our certification. Then we will no longer be novice divers. During this course of dives, we’ve had to do each dive with an instructor. After this, we’ll be able to just rent tanks and jump in the water, or go out in a boat with a divemaster.

(while typing this, I found it necessary to go to YouTube and watch the “Under the Sea” musical segment from “The Little Mermaid”. I don’t know why : )



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