This morning, I got up early and got in a short run to Punta Sur and back.

Then I rode my moto to a Spanish-speaking meeting in El Centro. While I was there, it rained. When I was on the way home, I must have tried to turn too sharply on the street, as the moto I was on went down, and me with it, and I slid along the street.

This seemed way too reminiscent of my motorcycle wreck a few years back; while I was sliding along the road, feeling my right side getting ripped up, I thought, “AGAIN?”

OuchMost of the road rash on my right side – along with the banged-up palm on my left hand – will heal up on its own, but that shoulder cut was a bit nasty. Turns out that it required stitches inside and out.

it was a bit funny – I stood up after the wreck, and folks had stopped their motos and cars and were all talking to me, much faster than i could understand. They had called an ambulancia, but I didn’t WANT an ambulancia.

I didn’t have my phone with me, so I couldn’t call Ethel and tell her what had happened, so I got back on the moto and – after an abortive attempt to find the hospital on m y own – I went back to the beach house to tell Ethel what had happened. I was then going to drive myself to the hospital, but the blood pulsing out of my shoulder had Ethel way too upset to let me do that by myself, so we had to go through all of the drama of a shower, putting butterflies on the wound, getting a taxi and going to the hospital.

So now I’ve been in a Mexican Urgencia. That was a delightful experience, at least in terms of getting quick, friendly and cheap service : ) The hour on the table, with three health-care pros, and the prescription were a good bit less than twenty bucks, all totaled.

It’s gonna be a while before I can go diving again. I’m not even sure when I will be running again. Right now, I’m not interested in doing ANYTHING again. And I suspect that I’m just going to be more sore tomorrow than I am right now : )

  1. Jim- I’m very sorry to hear of your misadventure. I hope the salt water helps heal your wounds quickly.

  2. Alan B. said:

    Maybe something to do with seawater microbes that might cause infection?

    • I don’t know. But I reckon I have to do like the nice doctor says.

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