Just saw this in a PowerPoint I’m going through:


I hope that this is true. If so, then maybe my life IS a success : )

I’ve definitely been seeing/feeling/experiencing a lot of the right-side timeline seen above lately. In so many areas of my life, it seems that I keep going around and around, and can’t tell when I come out of one of these spirals if I’m headed up the success ramp, or down into the failure abyss.

This morning, I was listening to Miss Houston (Thelma, not Whitney) singing:

They tell me life is a circle, but that ain’t the way that I found it
Gonna move in a straight line…

I have never managed to “move in a straight line”. In fact, my efforts to do so always seem to result in my lines being even more convoluted than those paths I seem to follow when simply floating.

Ethel’s mantra during these changes that we’ve been going through for the last months has been “No oars, no rudder, no anchor” – we don’t need to push, we don’t need to steer, and we don’t need to stop. Let Him take us where He will; let the river flow and simply float with the current.

I’m not sure if that is completely possible; it seems that we are called on now and again to make decisions. But I do believe that the will to not exercise our own wills – the decision to not make our own decisions – gives us an easier, better life than the alternative, regardless of how poorly we implement that way of life.


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