There Is A Fuhbawl Game This Weekend

…in case you haven’t heard. The Dark Lord Saban is taking on Johnny Fuhbawl.

sabanmanzielThings are just a mite…over-hyped right now.

Wednesday morning, and I’m in the break room here at the office, and what do I see on the TV? Texa A&M and Alabama. A LOT of aTm and Bama. A whole lot.

This weekend, we are driving to Colorado to empty out the 3 bedroom condo. We’re doing this so that that condo can go into the vacation rental pool, and so that we can put it on the market as well. This is a sad time – yes, I’m happy and grateful to be at Workday in Salt Lake City, happy and grateful to be (apparently, assuming that the loan goes through) buying a town home in Summit Park back in Park City, happy and grateful all around.

But it’s still sad to be leaving Purgatory. In fact, I hadn’t realized just how sad I am until I typed that. In fact, if you don’t mind, I’m gonna stop typing for a bit.

Okay….now, we are driving to Durango/Silverton to take care of business this weekend, but the entire trip has to be wrapped around this football game. Other things are optional about the trip, but we simply have to be sure that we can watch the game.

We’re taking a 42″ LCD down there to swap out for the 55″ 3D LED that we are bringing back, but we won’t even attempt that swap – bringing the 55″ off of the wall mount and disconnecting it, and setting up the 42″ in its place – until after the game. Because – what would happen if we broke the TVs or somehow didn’t get things set up right?

We’d be at 9000 feet in the San Juan Mountains, with NO TV TO WATCH THE GAME ON!

I’ve got another 15 miles to run this week, but I’ll run the bulk of it on Friday morning, so that I will be fresh for the game. That’s important, you know. I have no doubt that watching this game is going to take all that I’ve got in the tank.

Maybe, if things go easily – if it’s a “good game” (a flexible phrase; for most athletic contests, this means “a close game with close scores and plenty of drama”, but when Alabama is playing, a “good game” means “a complete snooze fest; ‘ho-hum, the defense is squeezing the life out of the other time, and AJ is handing off to our fourth-string running back or doing easy tosses to tight ends on crossing routes and moving the chains, moving the chains, moving the chains…'”)…if it’s a good game, then I might be up for watching Mississippi State at Auburn (a storied history there – not too many years ago, they had a final score of 3 to 2. THATis good SEC football, y’all) or Ole Miss at Texas (after the BYU blowout on the Texas defense last week, it’s gonna be interesting to see what Hugh Freese can do). And it would be nice to see Purdue whup up on Notre Dame, but I’m not counting on that.

Currently my life and thinking is centered on 1:30 PM Saturday, on CBS.

There’s a fuhbawl game this weekend…..


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